If You Think Jobs Matter More Than Environmental Concerns, Your Argument Is Legit. Now Read This.

OK, so here's the deal. I grew up in West Virginia, where all the mineral wealth gets extracted by out-of-state companies. They bring in professionals for a few years to get stuff set up, then they jet. Locals don't get much money out of it — just acid streams, dangerous jobs, and black lung. But you know, they need those jobs. A bad job is better than no job. You gotta eat. A report from the State Department shows that the Keystone XL Pipeline will be pretty much the same deal but in Montana. All is not yet lost — your friends in the U.S. Senate haven't quite decided if they're giving this the green light. Write to your senators! It's not too late.

FACT CHECK TIME! This phase of the pipeline will only run through three states, not five (Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska). Kansas and North Dakota get a shout out in the report for other reasons but won't have pipeline from this phase crossing through them.

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