If I Told You What Was In Your Favorite Foods, You Might Not Eat Them. Here's Why You Should.

SPOILER ALERT: The following content is about delicious spoiled foods.

Here's a thought:

That's because they're home to millions of microbes.

BUT DON'T PANIC. 99% of microbes are actually harmless to humans. The remaining 1% are those dangerous bugs that we evolved repulsion to.

To deal with some of those harmful microbes, we can use preservatives like salt to transform otherwise vulnerable food (meat left out at room temperature) to delicious food (salami).

This idea behind this kind of controlled spoiling is also food in fermentation, which is pretty universal.

This practice is so universal that some researchers think fermentation and controlled spoiling form part of the reason why our evolutionary ancestors made the jump from hunting to farming, which many view as the bedrock of civilization.

In other words, the bacterial cultures in our food are part of what make us a cultured people.

Want to be more cultured yourself? Check out the full video below.