I Don't Know How These Guys Stood Silently While Witnessing Something So Awful But I'm Glad They Did

I learned about this organization many years ago. It was the first time I'd heard much about this horrible, awful, stomach-churning thing that happens all over the world, including in the U.S. The numbers are daunting, but people, including the folks in this incredible organization, are doing big stuff to help. And that's a really, really wonderful thing.

Learn more about how you can help, and visit the Love146 Facebook page for regular updates. 

via Scott Challeen / Twitter and DC Sports Experience / Instagram

In a move that was a long time coming, the Washington Redskins announced that after 87 years the team is finally ditching its culturally offensive name.

"Today, we are announcing we will be retiring the Redskins name and logo upon completion of this review," the team said in a statement Monday.

"That review has begun in earnest," it said. "As part of this process, we want to keep our sponsors, fans and community apprised of our thinking as we go forward."

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