How someone who walked on the moon can put our elections into sharp perspective.

Politics looks a little different from a quarter of a million miles out in space.

How someone who walked on the moon can put our elections into sharp perspective.

OK, show of hands: Who's pumped to get bombarded with political attack ads?

No? I know — me neither. Election season is long. Really long. Really really really long. I'm actually not sure it ever really ends.

Even for those of us who love politics, democracy, and little flag pins, a presidential election can really seem to drag on. And then it's a new election season all over again for Congress members!

That's why we need this video.

Via GOOD, it's a visual depiction of a quotation about space and politics from Apollo 14 pilot and astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell after he had something akin to a religious experience while being the sixth person to visit the moon.

The clip is a great palate cleanser, and a reminder of the big picture we're all facing.

The super-huge picture. We all have our strongly held ideas, our principles about what's right and wrong. And yes, it's important to be engaged in the systems that decide our future. Really important.

But don't forget: We're all in this together.

This isn't about winning or losing. This is about living together — in peace and sustainability and love — as humans.

Viral video shared on Facebook via Cocoa Butter.

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