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Hilarious video films a day in the life of an introvert as a nature documentary

Will this introvert be able to survive "out in the wild?"

holderness family laughs, introverts vs extroverts
Holderness Family Laughs/Youtube

An introvert's defenses are no match for their chatty predators.

It’s crazy to think just how diametrically opposed introverts and extroverts can be. One gets revved up by the idea of crowds, public spaces, going out after 10 p.m.…while the other would find those things an absolute nightmare and much prefer to be in jammies well before 10 p.m. as they recharge with a book in silence.

Sure, we’re all humans, but when viewed through this lens, it almost seems like we’re looking at two completely different species. And as it turns out, one couple decided to take this idea and run with it, making for one hilarious nature show spoof.

In a video posted by “Holderness Family Laughs,” a Youtube channel that routinely delivers side-splitting parody videos, we see Penn Holderness giving his best David Attenborough-style narration while his introvert wife, Kim, leaves her natural habitat of home and goes “out into the wild.” (Better known as just out to you extroverts.)

Kim ventures to Target, Panera, the gym and the park while trying to interact with as few people as possible. Despite her “powerful defenses” of airpods and pretending to be on a phone call, Kim is unable to thwart all chatty predators who have also “evolved” and “adapted.”

Clearly Kim and Penn were spot on in their depiction, because quite a few introverts who watched the video felt called out.

“Haha, this is a very apt video…Having to make small talk with random strangers is nothing short of terrifying to me!”

“Being exhausted by being out in public is so on point.”

“I can relate to and applaud Kim's tactics.”

“Literally a day in my life!”

“THIS IS SO ME! You captured our personalities perfectly. I have hidden in grocery aisles when seeing someone I didn't feel like chatting with. I see them.....then quickly back up....then move to the other side of the store.”

Watch below and be sure to share with the introverts in your life. Just be sure to not overwhelm them by showing it in public!

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