Disney Introduces A Gay Couple On A Kids' Show, Confusing Children Everywhere. Wait, No...

Several months ago, Disney announced it was planning to feature a same-sex couple on its children's program "Good Luck Charlie." The episode that included a lesbian couple and their child finally aired. This may seem small, but Disney is big, and I like to believe that this is just the beginning. Yay progress!

A few years ago, my then-3-year-old had a preschool friend who had two moms. My daughter is extremely inquisitive, and rarely does an attempt to understand something new end after just one question.

So anyway, on the way home from a playdate, she asked me why her friend had two moms. I told her that sometimes, two women love each other and create a family, and sometimes, two men love each other and create a family. Just like her dad and I loved each other and created a family (through adoption in our case). She was all, "Oh, OK!" And that was the end of it because it's a really simple concept.

Props to Disney for finally introducing another type of family to our kids. They should grow up seeing how ordinary this is so that it's not even a "concept" they have to figure out. Let's encourage Disney and other networks to keep moving in this direction. You can hit the Facebook and Twitter buttons below to share!