A lot of celebs stare awkwardly at the camera without saying a word. Here's why they're so quiet.

Normally, the faces Will Ferrell makes crack me up. Not so much in this video.

A lot of celebs stare awkwardly at the camera without saying a word. Here's why they're so quiet.
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Waiting. That's what a lot of people are doing. It's not a big deal for the celebs and others in this video, but for the people in Ebola-stricken areas? It's everything.

Actually, that's not really what the kind of waiting I'm talking about looks like. For a lot of people, it looks more like this:

Because when people in a handful of countries needed help, our leaders didn't jump to action.

Too many people are still waiting. But again, it's not the people in this video who are being affected by the waiting. They just want to make sure we know that action is necessary.

In the words of the people behind ONE, "ONE is a strictly non-partisan organization. We work with elected officials of all stripes to push for smart and effective policies that fight extreme poverty. This video is meant to build public pressure on world leaders everywhere to step up and do more."

As of mid-November 2014, the CDC reported that over 15,000 cases of Ebola had been diagnosed in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Over 5,400 of those people died. (Keep in mind that many claim the actual numbers are higher than the reported numbers. But for now, these are the figures we have.)

Particularly distressing is the sharp increase in recent cases.

How much longer can we wait? You can sign the petition to encourage world leaders to take action to stop the spread of Ebola. Want to find out what your country is doing to help? Check out ONE's Ebola Tracker.

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