A lawyer shows up at a 'right-to-work' hearing. And ... cue the laughter.

Wisconsin became one more “right-to-work" state in 2015, but before that was legislated and signed into law, there were a series of hearings about what it would do, who supported it, etc.

A lawyer shows up at a 'right-to-work' hearing. And ... cue the laughter.
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Bankruptcy attorney James Murray showed up to talk about the effects "right-to-work" would have on Wisconsin's population going broke. It would have received even more laughs and applause if it was not in official legislative chambers; you could tell the crowd wanted to erupt several times.

The fact is, “right-to-work" laws mean lower wages for working people and more bankruptcies as well. And some states consider this a good thing?!

(The references he makes to Minnesota are partly because the two states often have a jovial back-and-forth competition going but also because Minnesota is clearly winning and even taking some workers and companies from Wisconsin.)

For those of you on mobile who want a quick rundown without watching the video, here's a blow-by-blow account:

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