A funny thing happens when big companies like McDonald’s ask for feedback on Facebook.

McDonald's launched a huge campaign after the Super Bowl. Customers would be asked to give hugs to each other and etc. to #PayItWithLove.

The #PayItWithLove campaign was then supplemented with the "What are your questions about our food?" campaign by the company. This is all happening at a time when revenue for McDonald's is way down (profits were down 21% across the country at the end of 2014, according to Forbes) and it's receiving more heat than ever over its working conditions and wages. It's kinda one of those marketing efforts that you can see becoming a train wreck from afar.

When the questions about food began, some of its workers started asking simple things on Facebook about getting a bit of the "Love payin'" through a wage increase. Here's how that played out.

And the graphical version if you can't watch videos: