A famous scientist tries to prove Tom Brady wrong and makes a huge important point.

Oh hey there, Tom Brady.

Oh hey there, Bill Belichick.

Bill Nye's got your number.

Like most of America, Bill Nye was scandalized when he found out the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts were playing with ever-so-slightly deflated balls in the 2015 AFC Championship game. He was ever more confused when Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick claimed the balls deflated naturally because of the cold weather on game day.

But unlike most of America, Bill Nye is a Science Guy.

So he did what any good scientist would do. He did an experiment.

He put some balls in the fridge.

And discovered that when they came out, they were...

(wait for it...)

...pretty much the same!


Oh, and while Bill was sending a message to Brady & Co., he took a time-out to send an even louder message to Congress.

Take it away, Science Guy.

via Cathy Pedrayes / Instagram

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