6 Memes Of A Skeptical Little Boy That Are Funny Because They're Kinda True

It can be pretty easy to go through life on autopilot not realizing how much we waste every day. These images aren't here to make you feel guilty — we live in a world where so many things are disposable that it's actually not surprising that we often don't even notice how many trips we're making to the garbage can. Or how much water we're flushing down the toilet. Or how un-economical soda is. But when you stop and think about these things that so many of us use or do every day without thinking twice, you might find yourself being a little less wasteful in the future.

FACT: The average U.S. family uses 400 gallons of water per day.

FACT: There are 870 million hungry people on the planet. But half of the food produced in the U.S. is wasted before it ever gets to a plate. And it's not just food we're wasting. Food waste costs a total of $165 billion per year. That's three to four times the amount we spend on foreign economic aid.

So go ahead and have a laugh. But bear in mind that the reality behind the jokes is a serious one. And we can all do our part to address it — by caring, by conserving, and by trying to reduce our waste whenever we can.

Because there's plenty to go around. We just have to take a moment to realize it. Like you did by reading this today. Now get out there and put that realization to work!

UPDATE: A previous version of this post included a comparison between America's water waste and Africa's. Since Africa is a continent, not a country, it's not a very good comparison. My intention was to create conversation and commentary on waste, so I removed it.