When you ask people around the world what makes them happy, these are just some of the answers.

For International Day of Happiness, the United Nations released a video highlighting what it means to be happy around the world.

With more than 7 billion people on earth, there are 7 billion unique definitions of happiness.

For some, happiness takes the form of relationships with others. And for others, it's a connection with nature, hobbies, or material possessions.

Happiness can be the weather.

It can be music.

It can be clean air and relative safety.

It can be as simple as life itself.

The point is, it's up to each of us to figure out what makes us happy as individuals.

The theme of the third annual International Day of Happiness is connection with others. (The previous two have been "reclaim happiness" and "happy heroes.")

See more stories of what makes others happy in the video below.

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