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Toddler pretends to be a nail tech and her presentation is pure polished perfection

“I’m trying my best hooooonnnney.”

kid tok

She's trying her best, honey.

There are few things in this world more precious and entertaining than little kids trying their hand at adult activities. They might have not had a ton of time on this planet, but toddlers can be so observant of their surroundings. And even if they don’t totally understand what they’re observing, they do their best to act out what they see and hear, often to hilarious effect.

That’s why 3-year-old Addy is bringing smiles to millions as she pretends to be a manicurist for her parents. When it comes to cuteness, she totally nailed it.

Every morsel of this 16-second clip is absolutely delightful—from using all 10 of her teeny tiny fingers to carefully unscrew a bottle of nail polish to instantly globbing an enormous amount of hot pink polish on mom’s pinky.

However, the pièce de résistance is without a doubt hearing Addy say “I’m trying my best hooooonnnney” in a voice that others (accurately) have noticed sounds just like late comedian Leslie Jordan. It’s just too good.

@addytok2022 She tried her best honey 😂 #fyp #fypage #trending ♬ original sound - AddyTok

Cutest nail tech ever, right?

Mom isn’t Addy’s only customer. Dad is also a client. Even though he doesn’t adhere to her demand to “be very still hoooooonnneeeyyy.”

@addytok2022 BE STILL, HONEY! Dads are not the best clients here at little Leslie’s nail salon 🤣 #fyp #fypシ #fypage #foryou #viral #trending #lesliejordan ♬ original sound - AddyTok

“If you don’t be really still for her you’re gonna have a bunch of her fans come after you!!” one Addy stan quipped.

In another video, Addy’s mom Kayla explained that she was diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia and septo-optic dysplasia, both of which affect her eyesight. Hence her adorable, but very thick glasses. Kayla made it clear that some hurtful words had been said online, but that they had also been overwhelmed by all the love and support their little girl has received.

You keep being you, Addy. We’re all just trying our best, honey. And your best is making people’s day.


Making new friends as an adult is challenging. While people crave meaningful IRL connections, it can be hard to know where to find them. But thanks to one Facebook Group, meeting your new best friends is easier than ever.

Founded in 2018, NYC Brunch Squad brings together hundreds of people who come as strangers and leave as friends through its in-person events.

“Witnessing the transformative impact our community has on the lives of our members is truly remarkable. We provide the essential support and connections needed to thrive amid the city's chaos,” shares Liza Rubin, the group’s founder.

Despite its name, the group doesn’t just do brunch. They also have book clubs, seasonal parties, and picnics, among other activities.

NYC Brunch Squad curates up to 10 monthly events tailored to the specific interests of its members. Liza handles all the details, taking into account different budgets and event sizes – all people have to do is show up.

“We have members who met at our events and became friends and went on to embark on international journeys to celebrate birthdays together. We have had members get married with bridesmaids by their sides who were women they first connected with at our events. We’ve had members decide to live together and become roommates,” Liza says.

Members also bond over their passion for giving back to their community. The group has hosted many impact-driven events, including a “Picnic with Purpose” to create self-care packages for homeless shelters and recently participated in the #SquadSpreadsJoy challenge. Each day, the 100 members participating receive random acts of kindness to complete. They can also share their stories on the group page to earn extra points. The member with the most points at the end wins a free seat at the group's Friendsgiving event.

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