Tired of being told women are too emotional, one senator shows what it looks like to get emotional.

There are so many gems in this, but you're probably busy, so I'm highlighting the best two minutes of this smackdown. (But realtalk, the whole 15-minute speech is the best part.) Here are my favorite lines: 1:05 — "You know one way to help the economy is for people to make more money! You know what's one of the best ways to make more money? Pay women for equal pay for equal work!" 6:13 — "You like to hear, 'Oh, you've come a long way.' But I don't think we've come a long way." 6:23 — "Who in this room thinks earning one cent more every five years counts as coming a long way?" 6:48 — "There are men all over this country, right this minute, who are in jobs they hate so that their daughters could have the job they love." What are yours?