This is how you win an argument about climate change.

Another climate change conversation goes sideways.

This is how you win an argument about climate change.

Nice try, skeptics.

Some climate-change deniers suggest that the 0.04% amount of the trace gas CO2 in the atmosphere falls far short of what it would take to make a difference. Climate Adam demonstrates in a radical way that a teeny bit of some things is just too much.

Here are some other things we know about that are deadly in teensy doses:


If there's more than 0.00003 ppb (that's parts per billion, my friend) of dioxin in drinking water, the EPA wants to know about it. Pronto.

Inorganic mercury.

Again, more than 2 ppb in water, and there's a problem.


This stuff, formerly used in manufacturing, is also deadly to drink. The EPA reckons anything over 0.5 ppb is an issue.

And then there's arsenic.

So, yes, 0.04% carbon dioxide is honestly a bad, bad thing.

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