This Epic Response To 'Fat People Can't Be Sexy' Is Totally Unexpected But So On Point

Let's all hope Hart's dance break finally puts this "Fat people can't be sexy" myth right to bed.

This Epic Response To 'Fat People Can't Be Sexy' Is Totally Unexpected But So On Point

It all started when Hart received the following message on Tumblr:

Instead of getting angry or taking offense, Hart took a big gulp of tea and decided to answer like any level-headed adult...

...with a sexy dance break.

Followed by a perfect takedown of this ridiculous question.

And just for good measure, here's Hart's response in all its glory:

"You know, it really sucks that we live in a society that has this misinterpretation that being heavyset is an ugly and shameful thing to be. Well, person, they didn't choose the sexy. The sexy chose them." — Hartbeat

Check out the full video below, which includes Hart's epic dance break from 0:24-0:58. And just as a heads-up, while there's no nudity, your boss might not be cool with you watching sexy dancing while you're supposed to be working. So ... you've been forewarned.


Davina Agudelo was born in Miami, Florida, but she grew up in Medellín, Colombia.

"I am so grateful for my upbringing in Colombia, surrounded by mountains and mango trees, and for my Colombian family," Agudelo says. "Colombia is the place where I learned what's truly essential in life." It's also where she found her passion for the arts.

While she was growing up, Colombia was going through a violent drug war, and Agudelo turned to literature, theater, singing, and creative writing as a refuge. "Journaling became a sacred practice, where I could leave on the page my dreams & longings as well as my joy and sadness," she says. "During those years, poetry came to me naturally. My grandfather was a poet and though I never met him, maybe there is a little bit of his love for poetry within me."

In 1998, when she left her home and everyone she loved and moved to California, the arts continued to be her solace and comfort. She got her bachelor's degree in theater arts before getting certified in journalism at UCLA. It was there she realized the need to create a media platform that highlighted the positive contributions of LatinX in the US.

"I know the power that storytelling and writing our own stories have and how creative writing can aid us in our own transformation."

In 2012, she started Alegría Magazine and it was a great success. Later, she refurbished a van into a mobile bookstore to celebrate Latin American and LatinX indie authors and poets, while also encouraging children's reading and writing in low-income communities across Southern California.

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