The Westboro Baptist Church Breaks Commandment #9 Like It's Their Job

So there's this hate group called Westboro Baptist Church. They are the famous crazy people who show up at soldier funerals and national tragedies to be real life tragedy trolls. They figure out the most offensive thing to say, then try to upset everyone while they grieve. They are nothing if not classy. This last week they said they were going to protest the funeral of Aurora shooting victims. Which they didn't do. Instead, they Photoshopped themselves into the vigil like they were there. Which is in violation of Commandment #9, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. " Or the Cliff's Notes version: "Don't lie, bigoted middle school bully hate group masquerading as a church." It's from something called "The Bible." That's the book they say their ideas are based on. Just sayin'.

The Westboro Baptist Church Breaks Commandment #9 Like It's Their Job

Bad news usually grabs the headlines so it can be hard to remember that we live in a world full of beauty. Here are 10 stories that made us happy this week because they feature amazing comebacks, powerful acts of giving, and one super-amazing cow.

1. Man brushing his cow to Bruno Mars is a moment of pure zen

This video is the perfect example of how man and nature can live in harmony. Thor the cow is in pure bliss as his human friend brushes him at a farm in Emmett, Idaho.

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