The Supreme Court Talked About Gay Marriage For 2 Days. Luckily, You Only Need To Read 3 Quotes.

Unless you've been stunningly good at ignoring the Internet for the past few days, you'll know that the Supreme Court has been doing... well, doing something gay-marriage-y lately. While the Court didn't actually make any decisions one way or the other, its daylong discussion of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) did reveal some clear indications of which way the Supreme Court is going to lean.

Opponents of gay marriage argued that this case should almost exclusively be about taxation and benefits because that's the part that the government actually has a stake in.

Looking back at the way Congress has ruled on gay marriage, Justice Kagan noticed something very particular that doesn't really show up with other minority groups.

The chief justice himself questioned whether the issue of gay marriage is genuinely majority supported or just another special interest lobby with some badass political ability.

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