The perfect response for kids with 'hard-to-pronounce ethnic' names

Uzo Aduba is an Emmy-winning actress best known for playing Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" on "Orange Is the New Black." In the clip below, Uzo shares how she wanted to change her soon-to-be-household name and what her mother had to say about it.

The perfect response for kids with 'hard-to-pronounce ethnic' names

While this story is pretty funny and super adorable, Uzo's mom actually makes a pretty good point. Ethnic names are too often dismissed or Americanized, especially when they're attached to people of color. There's also a long history of people of color being discriminated against because their names are deemed "too ethnic."

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One little girl took pictures of her school lunches. The Internet responded — and so did the school.

If you listened to traditional news media (and sometimes social media), you'd begin to think the Internet and technology are bad for kids. Or kids are bad for technology. Here's a fascinating alternative idea.


This article originally appeared on 03.31.15

Kids can innovate, create, and imagine in ways that are fresh and inspiring — when we "allow" them to do so, anyway. Despite the tendency for parents to freak out because their kids are spending more and more time with technology in schools, and the tendency for schools themselves to set extremely restrictive limits on the usage of such technology, there's a solid argument for letting them be free to imagine and then make it happen.

It's not a stretch to say the kids in this video are on the cutting edge. Some of the results he talks about in the video at the bottom are quite impressive.

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