The NFL would never let this air during the Super Bowl, but it's important to watch.

Give me two minutes of your time to talk about something you may think isn't all that serious but really actually is.

The NFL's rules for the Super Bowl ads state that no activism ads are allowed. The NFL is also notorious for protecting its brand. While this commercial wasn't submitted to the Super Bowl for consideration, you can see clearly why they never would allow it to air, which is why Change the Mascot timed the release for the Super Bowl.

Which brings me to the R-word. According to the dictionary, it's a "usually offensive" term for Native Americans. Most of the major civil rights organizations have come together to condemn it. They did a study and found out that it's actually detrimental to the mental health of Native American citizens. Ask yourself: If you met a Native American, would you call them a redskin to their face? Would it be OK to call a team the Colorado White Skins? Or the Texas Black Skins? Then why the hell are we letting this happen? Especially because there are plenty of alternate names that don't use racial stereotypes.

If you think that we shouldn't tell Native American kids that calling them racial slurs is an OK thing, you could Like Change the Mascot on Facebook. And then tweet and share this?

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