The Make-Up Tutorial Made For Both Women And Men To See

I've heard men and women say things like, "You're not feminist enough if you do that" or "It's not feminist if you try to make yourself cute!" But when people say things like that, they are making women feel guilty for the choices they make, and that in itself is not helping a sister out. What this video made me think was: Hey look, it's OK to hold strong feminist values and not take yourself too seriously, and it's OK to wear makeup and still be pissed at how society objectifies women. I hope you come away with the same thought. Oh, and in case it wasn't blindingly obvious, this video is a parody.

The video maker herself, Taylor, says that the video is "supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek parody on some of society's crazy stereotypes of feminists....i'm just having fun poking at some misconceptions and tropes."

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