The Dirty Little Secrets Hiding Behind Our Pretty Little Processed Food

If the thought of servingup a three-course meal every night makes you sweat with anxiety like I do, we’renot alone. Rates of home cooking in the U.S. have fallen to half what theyused to be. So why does that matter? Because as this awesomely hearty chatreveals, there’s way too much that we don’t know about food we grab on the go. The info spilled at 2:43 will makeyou wanna know more before biting into those fries from the GoldenArches. At 4:19, listen to the best health secret ever. And at 8:35, find out who's been trying to wiggletheir way into your kitchen for years.

The Dirty Little Secrets Hiding Behind Our Pretty Little Processed Food


So about those Mickey D’s potatoesmentioned at 2:43 ... yep, farmers don’t go into fields for days after spraying,but that’s actually an EPAmandate for lots of pesticides. Our fact checkers couldn’t find info to support the claim that those veggies need to chill for six weeks after spraying,but they did see that all potatoes need a “curing” period of about two weeks.

I’m also calling out our friend Michael at 5:25, when he mentions that “poor women who cook have a healthier diet than wealthy women who don’t.”Obviously that's pretty controversial, given how fresh food is not always accessible in low-income areas. Our fact checkers couldn’t find info supporting this one either. Despite all of this, I still think what he says abouthome cooking in general is pretty solid. But hey, you be the judge. Holler at me on Twitter and let me know your thoughts.

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