youth sports

A group of girls playing soccer.

A mom is going viral on TikTok for her common sense view on how youth sports have become far too competitive and expensive since she was a kid. Her solution to the problem is to return to the past when kids played sports through their local parks and recreation programs. The leagues were affordable and less competitive than the sports clubs of today.

In a video, Alli remembers a time when she played soccer through the local rec center and although she wasn’t great, she still had a lot of fun.

“I loved soccer, and I loved my friends on the team. And literally, one of my best friends to this day, is somebody that I met playing soccer when I was in fifth grade. School now is not even really the place where you make your true substantial friends anymore because these kids are just constantly like, there's no fun time anymore,” she said in a video with nearly 90,000 views.

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