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Weekend weary dad nails exactly what Saturdays are like for parents

“If you really wanna see the difference between a parent and a non-parent, it’s Saturdays."

Dustin Nickerson/Youtube

There's no chaos like a Saturday with kids kind of chaos.

Parenting comes with many blessings, but also many sacrifices—especially when it comes to your weekends. No more sleeping in, no more waking up to peace and quiet and enjoying your day off. No, no, no. You’ll be too busy getting to soccer games and birthday parties and any one of the other many, many social commitments your kids (and therefore you) have. Yay.

Recently, comedian and father of three Dustin Nickerson nailed this chaotic aspect of parenthood in a segment of his “Don’t Make Me Come Back There” podcast.

“If you really wanna see the difference between a parent and a non-parent, it’s Saturdays,” Nickerson said. For him, a typical Saturday means getting his three kiddos to “three different locations by 9 am...potentially in three different cities…each for $3000.”

@dustinnickersoncomedy Saturdays are for the kids! (No, seriously. We’re late for practice) #dustinnickerson #DontMakeMeComeBackThere #parentinghumor #saturdays #weekends #comedian ♬ original sound - Dustin Nickerson

“It’s the same amount of work for a single person to fly across the country as it is for a parent to execute one Saturday morning,” he says, since it requires the same amount of packing, planning and coordinating to make sure everything goes smoothly.

And that’s not even taking the sweet little angel into account, who Nickerson says is like “you’re juggling a thing that gets hungry. And cusses at you in front of your mom. Every Saturday.”

Down in the comments, other parents couldn’t agree more.

“Been up with mine since 5:30. Lived a whole life before 11 am,” lamented one.

“My kids are grown now. People always told me I would miss the sports days when they were over. Nope, I don’t miss it at all,” added another.

And of course #teamchildfree came in to gloat.

“Childless and slept till 11, it was glorious,” one person shared.

One cool dog parent wrote, “I woke up without an alarm and took my dog on my motorcycle to a doggo event at the park.”

All of life’s choices come with pros and cons. This might be one aspect of parenting that unanimously falls into the cons category, but at least all the moms and dads out there can laugh at themselves while dreaming of lazy weekends.

For even more relatable parenting content, you can watch the full “Don’t Make Me Come Back There” episode below: