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A frothy glass of non-alcoholic beer and Kristen Bell

Every family has its own rules regarding children and alcohol. Some believe that allowing their kids to drink before the age of 21 can lead to severe problems and have stringent zero-tolerance policies. Others allow their kids to have the occasional wine at dinner because they believe being too restrictive could make drinking more desirable, so it’s best to take a casual approach.

What do the experts say?

Psychology Today says that a review of 13 studies concludes that young people are less likely to develop alcohol problems if their parents have stricter rules about its use. “On current evidence, parents should be advised not to allow children to use alcohol,” the meta-analysis concludes.

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The duo sang Loretta Lynn's "Don't Come Home a Drinkin'"

Everybody knows Kelly Clarkson has pipes and any fan of Disney’s “Moana” knows that Dwayne Johnson can carry a tune. But I don’t think in a million years anyone would have guessed the two singing together could result in a truly spectacular duet. All in full twang, no less!

Clarkson and Johnson (can’t you see their names co-headlining a tour?) paid tribute to honky-tonk superstar Loretta Lynn, who passed away on Oct. 4 at age 90, by singing arguably everyone’s favorite country song from the '60s about rejecting drunken sex—“Don’t Come Home a Drinkin’.”
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Anne Hathaway knocked Kelly Clarkson off her feet in a game of "Sing That Name That Tune."

If there's anyone you don't want to go up against in a singing contest, it's Kelly Clarkson. The singer who made "American Idol" her success as much as it was theirs is arguably one of the most talented singers alive today. Who would dare to go up against those pipes in a competition?

Anne Hathaway, apparently.

Hathaway proved herself to be no slouch in the musical world with her performance as Fantine in "Les Miserables," but still. We're talking Queen Kelly Clarkson here. It would take some serious guts to compete with the Queen, no matter how well you can sing.

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Clarkson performing at the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Kelly Clarkson tore the roof off Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Monday night at the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards with a powerful performance of Dolly Parton's “I Will Always Love You.” The performance was a tribute to Parton, who was the ceremony's host.

Clarkson’s performance was magnificent because she sang the song with the perfect balance of power and vulnerability, which is no easy feat. “I Will Always Love You” is commonly seen as one of the most difficult songs to sing and to do it in front of the woman who wrote it had to be nerve-wracking. It was a bold move considering the fact that Whitney Houston’s version of the song is one of the most impressive vocal performances ever committed to tape.

But Dolly loved Clarkson’s rendition.

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