Si Te Conectas A Este #UpChat Acerca De César Chávez, Le Vas A Hacer Un Favor Al Mundo

To view this post in English please click here.Nota: Este #UpChat ha concluido, pero no te preocupes — puedes ver la conversación de abajo y aquí.He admirado a César Chávez — su labor y su persona — por mucho tiempo. Vamos a tener un encuentro, al que le decimos #UpChat, este jueves 27 de marzo del 2014, a las 4 de la tarde (franja horaria del este del los EEUU), para que te enteres más acerca de la vida del hombre, nos envies tweets y cuentes alguna razón por la cual valoras su trabajo, y hagas correr la voz acerca de la película “César Chávez.”¿Quién es César Chávez? Mira este video.

La versión condensada: César Chávez reunió a un montón de trabajadores agrícolas para mejorar las condiciones de trabajo de la industria porque eran verdaderamente terribles. Y aunque todavía hay mucho por hacer, él impulsó un cambio crítico, que le dio a los trabajadores del campo fortaleza para alzarse en defensa de sus derechos. Sí, de ESO se trata César Chávez.

Bien Upworthy, ¿y todo esto es para...?

La gente aquí en Upworthy está sumando sus fuerzas a las de TakePart (el lindo grupo que produjo la película “César Chávez,” por la cual surgió esta charla) para hablar sobre la equidad y la justicia en las condiciones de trabajo de los campesinos, a través de un #UpChat en Twitter.

¡Fantástico! ¿Pero qué es un #UpChat? ¿Cuál es la meta?

¡Buena pregunta! Un #UpChat es una conversación por medio de Twitter, acerca de un tema de importancia. Durante esta conversación nos preguntaremos cómo podemos llevar nuestros alimentos desde el campo hasta la mesa, respetando los derechos de los trabajadores, y hablaremos acerca del camino que César Chávez abrió para todos nosotros. Estarás entre nosotros, TakePart y otros participantes.

Queremos reunir ideas y reflexiones estimulantes para darle visibilidad a este tema poco hablado y ver que podemos poner en acción como país.

Por favor contribuye a la conversación. Si tenemos buena suerte, #UpChat tal vez sea un nuevo movimiento en Twitter — y no me digas que no has querido siempre ser parte de un movimiento!

Bien, ¿qué puedo hacer ahora?

¡Sí, se puede!

Lo mas importante y crucial es que participen personas como TU — oye, sí, tú — únete a nosotros y haz que tu voz se oiga. Los tres pasos a seguir:

1) Sintonízate el jueves 27 de marzo a las 4 p.m (hora del este)

2) Sigue en Twitter a @Upworthy y a @TakePart

3) Ten tu mente y tus ideas listas para abordar este tema. Mándanos por Twitter lo que piensas, con el “hashtag” #UpChat!

4) Fíjate qué estupendo, quien va a ser parte del #UpChat:


Hay tres otras cosas que puedes hacer ahora y entre tanto:

1) Firma una petición para que se declare un Día Nacional de Servicio en honor a César Chávez.

2) Mira la película que se estrenará en los cines el 28 de marzo. De veras. Ve. A ver. La Película. Aquí hay más acerca de ella.

3) Fíjate de qué se trata la Equitable Food Initiative (la iniciativa para una distribucion justa de la comida). Implica una mejor condición sanitaria para los alimentos, garantiza condiciones justas y equitativas para los trabajadores de la industria agrícola, y corrobora un adecuado uso de pesticidas (para que no afecten la salud de los que trabajan en la cosecha o los consumidores). Con esta iniciativa todos salimos ganando.

Por ahora, aquí van dos clips sobre el hombre y el film. ¡De nada!


Should a man lose his home because the grass in his yard grew higher than 10 inches? The city of Dunedin, Florida seems to think so.

According to the Institute of Justice, which is representing Jim Ficken, he had a very good reason for not mowing his lawn – and tried to rectify the situation as best he could.

In 2014, Jim's mom became ill and he visited her often in South Carolina to help her out. When he was away, his grass grew too long and he was cited by a code office; he cut the grass and wasn't fined.

France has started forcing supermarkets to donate food instead of throwing it away.

But several years later, this one infraction would come back to haunt him after he left to take care of him's mom's affairs after she died. The arrangements he made to have his grass cut fell through (his friend who he asked to help him out passed away unexpectedly) and that set off a chain reaction that may result in him losing his home.

The 69-year-old retiree now faces a $29,833.50 fine plus interest. Watch the video to find out just what Jim is having to deal with.

Mow Your Lawn or Lose Your House!


The world officially loves Michelle Obama.

The former first lady has overtaken the number one spot in a poll of the world's most admired women. Conducted by online research firm YouGov, the study uses international polling tools to survey people in countries around the world about who they most admire.

In the men's category, Bill Gates took the top spot, followed by Barack Obama and Jackie Chan.

In the women's category, Michelle Obama came first, followed by Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie. Obama pushed Jolie out of the number one spot she claimed last year.

Unsurprising, really, because what's not to love about Michelle Obama? She is smart, kind, funny, accomplished, a great dancer, a devoted wife and mother, and an all-around, genuinely good person.

She has remained dignified and strong in the face of rabid masses of so-called Americans who spent eight years and beyond insisting that she's a man disguised as a woman. She's endured non-stop racist memes and terrifying threats to her family. She has received far more than her fair share of cruelty, and always takes the high road. She's the one who coined, "When they go low, we go high," after all.

She came from humble beginnings and remains down to earth despite becoming a familiar face around the world. She's not much older than me, but I still want to be like Michelle Obama when I grow up.

Her memoir, Becoming, may end up being the best-selling memoir of all time, having already sold 10 million copies—a clear sign that people can't get enough Michelle, because there's no such thing as too much Michelle.

Don't like Michelle Obama? Don't care. Those of us who love her will fly our MO flags high and without apology, paying no mind to folks with cold, dead hearts who don't know a gem of a human being when they see one. There is nothing any hater can say or do to make us admire this undeniably admirable woman any less.

When it seems like the world has lost its mind—which is how it feels most days these days—I'm just going to keep coming back to this study as evidence that hope for humanity is not lost.

Here. Enjoy some real-life Michelle on Jimmy Kimmel. (GAH. WHY IS SHE SO CUTE AND AWESOME. I can't even handle it.)

Michelle & Barack Obama are Boring Now

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What will future generations never believe that we tolerated in 2019?

Dolphin and orca captivity, for sure. They'll probably shake their heads at how people died because they couldn't afford healthcare. And, they'll be completely mystified at the amount of food some people waste while others go starving.

According to Biological Diversity, "An estimated 40 percent of the food produced in the United States is wasted every year, costing households, businesses and farms about $218 billion annually."

There are so many things wrong with this.

First of all it's a waste of money for the households who throw out good food. Second, it's a waste of all of the resources that went into growing the food, including the animals who gave their lives for the meal. Third, there's something very wrong with throwing out food when one in eight Americans struggle with hunger.

Supermarkets are just as guilty of this unnecessary waste as consumers. About 10% of all food waste are supermarket products thrown out before they've reached their expiration date.

Three years ago, France took big steps to combat food waste by making a law that bans grocery stores from throwing away edible food.According to the new ordinance, stores can be fined for up to $4,500 for each infraction.

Previously, the French threw out 7.1 million tons of food. Sixty-seven percent of which was tossed by consumers, 15% by restaurants, and 11% by grocery stores.

This has created a network of over 5,000 charities that accept the food from supermarkets and donate them to charity. The law also struck down agreements between supermarkets and manufacturers that prohibited the stores from donating food to charities.

"There was one food manufacturer that was not authorized to donate the sandwiches it made for a particular supermarket brand. But now, we get 30,000 sandwiches a month from them — sandwiches that used to be thrown away," Jacques Bailet, head of the French network of food banks known as Banques Alimentaires, told NPR.

It's expected that similar laws may spread through Europe, but people are a lot less confident at it happening in the United States. The USDA believes that the biggest barrier to such a program would be cost to the charities and or supermarkets.

"The logistics of getting safe, wholesome, edible food from anywhere to people that can use it is really difficult," the organization said according to Gizmodo. "If you're having to set up a really expensive system to recover marginal amounts of food, that's not good for anybody."

Plus, the idea may seem a little too "socialist" for the average American's appetite.

"The French version is quite socialist, but I would say in a great way because you're providing a way where they [supermarkets] have to do the beneficial things not only for the environment, but from an ethical standpoint of getting healthy food to those who need it and minimizing some of the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that come when food ends up in a landfill," Jonathan Bloom, the author of American Wasteland, told NPR.

However, just because something may be socialist doesn't mean it's wrong. The greater wrong is the insane waste of money, damage to the environment, and devastation caused by hunger that can easily be avoided.


The world is dark and full of terrors, but every once in a while it graces us with something to warm our icy-cold hearts. And that is what we have today, with a single dad who went viral on Twitter after his daughter posted the photos he sent her when trying to pick out and outfit for his date. You love to see it.

After seeing these heartwarming pics, people on Twitter started suggesting this adorable man date their moms. It was essentially a mom and date matchmaking frenzy.

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