Rip Off Your Pants And Rejoice! There's Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Your Thighs!

Ya know what? Our bodies have kinda gotten a raw deal in the media. We're constantly being told that they should look one way, but then we're supposed to feel bad when they just do what they naturally do! Case in point: cellulite. Most of what we hear about cellulite is completely untrue! So if you've ever needed a reason to stop worrying about your body's wrinkles and dimples, this lady has five, just for you.

Side note: This video focuses on how cellulite differs between cisgender men's and women's bodies and inadvertently leaves out others on the gender and sexuality spectrum. So, just a friendly reminder that while lots of cis women have cellulite, they aren't the only ones, and it's still totally cool and not a big deal to have it.