*Please* think twice before you throw away that empty pizza box.

If recycling PSAs included this type of information — the answers to where all that stuff is going and how it's actually helping us — I think a lot more people would jump on the blue-bin bandwagon. Here's why it's important to not throw away all those pizza boxes, soda cans, and Styrofoam food containers.

*Please* think twice before you throw away that empty pizza box.
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As people get older, social isolation and loneliness become serious problems. Many find themselves living alone for the first time after the death of a spouse. It's also difficult for older people to maintain friendships when people they've known for years become ill or pass away.

Census Bureau figures say that almost a quarter of men and nearly 46% of women over the age of 75 live alone.

But loneliness doesn't just affect those who reside by themselves. People can feel lonely when there is a discrepancy between their desired and actual relationships. To put it simply, when it comes to having a healthy social life, quality is just as important as quantity.

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