Over The Years, It Has Had Over 80 Names — But Now It Has Become A 4-Letter Word

Post-traumatic stress disorder affects at least 7 percent of Americans. Whether from combat or traumatic events, the effects of invisible wounds are hard to "see." Staff Sgt. Billy Caviness walks us through his daily struggle, like the meds he has to take every day (:55), how deeply his physical wounds affect him (3:18), and the revelation that probably keeps him sane (6:54). But make sure you stick around until the end for a big surprise that I didn’t see coming (8:08).

Over The Years, It Has Had Over 80 Names — But Now It Has Become A 4-Letter Word

PTSD affects everyone who has experienced a traumatic event, whether in combat, sexual assault, or disaster. Here are two great websites to find out more information or to seek help: The National Center for PTSD, for the military, and the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.

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Parenting is the most important job that most people will ever have in life. Your decisions as a parent will be some of the most important determining factors in whether your child becomes a happy and productive adult or not. It's a huge responsibility.

Parenting is a difficult and important undertaking, but many parents simply repeat the same strategies used by their parents. How often do we hear people rationalize their decisions by saying, "That's what my parents did and I came out ok."

This approach to raising children negates the fact that with every generation there are countless studies done on child development, many of which run counter to popular parenting wisdom from the past.

Dr. Kristyn Sommer, who has a PhD in child development, has received a lot of attention on social media because of her dedication to teaching "evidence-based parenting." This expertise has made her an advocate for strategies that run counter to conventional parenting wisdom and have stirred up a bit of controversy.

Here are five TikTok videos where Sommer shares some of her evidence-based parenting strategies.

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