Look At These Beautiful Women, Then See How Much Photoshop This Fashion Magazine Chose To Use

Fashion magazines have become devices to make women feel terrible while also desiring to look like computer simulations. Who needs to look like an extra from "The Sims" when you have the beauty that reality gives us? Verily Magazine never uses Photoshop, and the results are way more gorgeous.

So what do the pages of Verily look like?

Jie (on the right) isn't a model. She's actually a sales associate.

Grace isn't either. She's an advertising assistant.

Jodi is a writer. Not a model either.

And Sara is a publicist, not a model. Verily frequently uses everyday women of different races, ethnicities, sizes, and ages for their photo spreads. The women here range in age from 21 to 35 and are sizes 6-12.

Their Photoshop policy:


This pretty much describes how I feel!

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