An Iraq war widow tracked down her husband's car to give it to her son for his birthday
via CBS Sunday Morning

On July 19, 2003, in the early days of the Iraq war, Army Lt. Jonathan D. Rozier of Katy, Texas was killed in an ambush while on patrol in Baghdad. He left behind his wife, Jessica, and a nine-month-old baby, Justin.

Jonathan's death meant that his wife had to make some tough decisions. To pay for daycare, she had to return her deceased husband's 1999 Toyota Celica back to the dealer, forfeiting the car loan.

"I didn't want to keep chipping away at my savings to pay for a car that nobody was using," she told NBC. "It was just sitting in my driveway."

She would soon forget about the car until August of 2017 when she was looking for a birth certificate and ran across its 2002 registration papers. Her son Justin, now 14, had his learner's permit and was turning 15 in three months. Jessica thought that if she was able to find his father's beloved old convertible, it'd be the perfect birthday gift.

"I wonder if this car is still out there? I was thinking I would go on a years-long search to find this car," Jessica said.

So she put out an appeal on Facebook to see if anyone could locate the car.

"It was Jon's car (1LT Jonathan Rozier, KIA Iraq 7-19-03) and when he died, I wasn't thinking ahead to when Justin (his son) would be driving 15 years later. If you facebookers could work your magic and help me find it, it would be an amazing present for his 16th birthday if it hasn't become a tin can by now," she wrote.

Fortunately, the car turned up just a few days later in Utah. The daughter of the car's owner said her dad may not want to sell it, but was open to having a conversation about the car.

"If I call and he doesn't want to sell it then my hopes would be crushed," Jessica said. "It took me 12 hours to get the courage to call him."

After some discussion, the owner, Jorge Cruz, decided to sell the car to Jessica. Now, the only problem was coming up with the cash to buy it to make some necessary upgrades so it would be safe for a teenager.

Jessica reached out to an organization dedicated to promoting patriotism called Follow The Flag for some fundraising help. The organization got the necessary funds together, bought the car, made some repairs, and had the car shipped to Texas for Justin's 15ht birthday.

"It's what we do, it's something we do in hopes of inspiring others," said Kyle Fox, the founder of Follow The Flag.

The car was presented to Justin at his birthday party and it was an emotional reunion, to say the least. When Justin got into the car, he was speechless.

"I was waiting for him, for it to click, that's dad's car," Jessica said. "He starts looking at it, gets in, he looks so much like his dad."

The reunion was just as important for Jessica. "I never got to see him come home," she told CBS Sunday Morning. "I think I needed that."

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1991 blooper clip of Robin Williams and Elmo is a wholesome nugget of comedic genius

Robin Williams is still bringing smiles to faces after all these years.

Robin Williams and Elmo (Kevin Clash) bloopers.

The late Robin Williams could make picking out socks funny, so pairing him with the fuzzy red monster Elmo was bound to be pure wholesome gold. Honestly, how the puppeteer, Kevin Clash, didn’t completely break character and bust out laughing is a miracle. In this short outtake clip, you get to see Williams crack a few jokes in his signature style while Elmo tries desperately to keep it together.

Williams has been a household name since what seems like the beginning of time, and before his death in 2014, he would make frequent appearances on "Sesame Street." The late actor played so many roles that if you were ask 10 different people what their favorite was, you’d likely get 10 different answers. But for the kids who spent their childhoods watching PBS, they got to see him being silly with his favorite monsters and a giant yellow canary. At least I think Big Bird is a canary.

When he stopped by "Sesame Street" for the special “Big Bird's Birthday or Let Me Eat Cake” in 1991, he was there to show Elmo all of the wonderful things you could do with a stick. Williams turns the stick into a hockey stick and a baton before losing his composure and walking off camera. The entire time, Elmo looks enthralled … if puppets can look enthralled. He’s definitely paying attention before slumping over at the realization that Williams goofed a line. But the actor comes back to continue the scene before Elmo slinks down inside his box after getting Williams’ name wrong, which causes his human co-star to take his stick and leave.

The little blooper reel is so cute and pure that it makes you feel good for a few minutes. For an additional boost of serotonin, check out this other (perfectly executed) clip about conflict that Williams did with the two-headed monster. He certainly had a way of engaging his audience, so it makes sense that even after all of these years, he's still greatly missed.

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