Instagram Removed Her Photo Because She's Not Skinny. Here's The Video That Got Them To Apologize.

Meghan Tonjes is a singer/songwriter, YouTube star, and body-positive vlogger. She's basically my hero. And after you listen to her rant at Instagram for removing one of her photos from their site for being "offensive," she'll be your hero too.If you're short on time, jump to 3:27 for the really good stuff.

The good news is that Instagram totally apologized and reversed their decision. You can see the pic live on the site here, and if you're feeling brave, share your own booty pic with the hashtag #bootyrevolution. Yay!

If you liked what Meghan had to say and would like to hear more, you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr. No pressure though.

As face masks have become mandatory in many places to limit the spread of coronavirus, it's also become an increasingly politicized thing. As we know, anything that involves political polarization also involves vast amounts of misinformation and disinformation. Whose idea was the internet again?

No one I know loves wearing a mask. We all wish we didn't have to. But there are an awful lot of people saying they can't wear one, or they refuse to wear one because they've been led to believe that masks are somehow more dangerous than not wearing one. I've seen and read "information" on everything from masks depriving people of oxygen to masks causing CO2 build up to masks creating fungus problems.

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