How Kids Are Playing With Something Far More Dangerous Than Guns Every Day At School

It's probably no surprise that a famous chef doesn't like public school cafeteria food. It's a little more surprising that he decided it was a matter of life and death to change it. 02:15 Jamie proves you’re being paranoid about the wrong things.03:15 Guess which state is the least healthy in America.04:20 Jamie gets off track here, because it’s being unhealthy that can kill you, not being heavy. Obesity is just a symptom. 07:47 A familiar dinner now seems kind of scary.09:30 Are the lunch ladies killing the children?11:20 These kids must be kidding.13:15 This wheelbarrow of sugar will make you think.15:00 This is an awesome idea for supermarkets!18:00 Don’t miss his hopeful, inspiring finale.21:20 OK, Jamie, I have to say it again: It’s being healthy, not being a certain size or shape, that matte