How a man used a taxi to bravely speak out against his government.

Burma has a long, riddled history of repression, and even though we've seen the country taking progressive steps towards freedom in recent years, a lot of people are like, "Er, keep your eyes open, world; there's still a ton of political prisoners and no freedom to say out loud that the government is total sh*t."

This man below was imprisoned for his beliefs and for taking part in peaceful demonstrations. When he was released, there were so many barriers in place for him to live a normal life. Fortunately he and some other former political prisoners found this smart way of making an income *and* keeping their story alive. See below.

Here is the video these screengrabs were taken from:

John Micheal Stewart plays a character known as "The Boss" on the social media hit "Breadstick Ricky and the Boss" but he has some solid advice on why employees shouldn't overwork themselves.

"Breadstick Ricky and the Boss" has over 2.3 million subscribers on TikTok and follows the on-the-job shenanigans of The Boss and his coworker, Ricky, a high-voice tradesman who has a knack for getting into trouble.

Comments on the videos show they have a big following with hard-working good ol' boys like the Boss and Ricky characters.

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