His military dad was disappointed in him when he came out ... for a really good reason.

Meet Jonathan and Dwayne, the happy now-married couple. This is the story of their engagement and wedding, which wouldn't be all that meaningful to you were it not for their engagement happening on the first day members of the military were allowed to march in public pride parades in uniform. And more importantly, we get to meet Jonathan's awesome dad. At 4:48, we meet his dad. At 5:20, we learn why his dad is so amazing. And I try to keep my composure. And at 6:53, it's party time.

I know this is a wedding video, but I'd like to make sure something bigger comes out of it. If you Like PFLAG on Facebook, an organization devoted to supporting families of gay kids, they can continue to get the word out to a larger audience about supporting LGBTQ families. They didn't make this video, but it represents much of what they are about. And then maybe share this? Totally your call, though.

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