Everything Wrong With The World In 2.5 Minutes. Sorry If This Offends You.

This is simply beautiful. At about 2:35, he turns it totally around and makes me want to stand up and cheer.

So, this guy thinks:

...the world is coming to an end.

"The air is polluted. The ocean's contaminated. The animals are going extinct.

The economy's collapsed.

Education is shot.

Police are going corrupt," he says.

Seriously, tell me, because this is a LOT.

Listen. I'm glad you listed all the world's problems on a *uniquely* broken house on the north side of St. Louis ... but that whole ~*~*~love~*~*~ thing sounds a little cliché!


OK, I'm listening. Time for a Robert Kennedy quote to give ya all the feels.


So *that's* what he meant by the world ending! I love that!

I'm actually feeling pretty stoked for this new beginning.