Don't You Hate It When Nothing Fits? That's Her Whole Life.

It stinks to not be able to find any clothes that fit. For your whole life.

Karen Bowersox was frustrated with her granddaughter Maggie's ill-fitting clothes. "[E]verything was always very long. ... When she started walking, everything was rolled up and her sleeves were always dipping in her cereal."

Maggie has Down syndrome, and most clothes aren't designed for her body.

Karen was surprised to find that there weren't specialty clothes for people with Down syndrome.

After all, over 400,000 Americans have that bonus chromosome.

So she got to work. She partnered with designer Jillian Jankovsky to create clothing that fits well on people with Down.

They generally have shorter sleeves and legs, wider necklines, and a waistline that is low in front but high in the back.

Downs Designs offers a free try-on service and some tailoring to ensure that every item fits perfectly.

In the many photos that happy customers send her, Karen can see the pride on their faces. They make her smile. Because everyone deserves to feel great in their clothes.

Downs Designs started as a passion project to get Maggie some decent clothes, but it's grown to be so much more.

Karen says: "It's actually become way more than just about my granddaughter. ... They're just beautiful people, and to see them in clothes that fit them — it changes everything for them."