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BooBoo the dog on TikTok.

Some days, nothing can stand between us and our Starbucks fix. That goes for pups too.

Starbucks offers canine guests a dog-friendly cup of whipped cream, otherwise known as a "puppuccino." No caffeine is involved, but most dogs lap it up and become as addicted to them as you or I would to a pumpkin cold brew.

One impatient pup named BooBoo couldn't wait to get his paws on the sweet treat, and his delightful drive-thru stunt has now gone viral.

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The video, which has blown up on on TikTok, shows what looks to be some kind of black lab (a big black lab, at that) already halfway in the drive-thru window. Laughter, "uh-ohs" and a bunch of "ohmygods" can be heard as BooBoo stumbles, determined to get inside.

Finally, the barista's hands can be seen hoisting BooBoo all the way through, until all we see is his wagging tail. Now that's what I call customer service.

Though the video did spark a small debate about health code violations and pet responsibility, most of the commenters were charmed and had fun remarks:

"'He said 'y'all hiring? I work for free puppuccinos"

"BooBoo said, 'I also need a side of pets and hugs with my puppuccino, please."

"He's like 'what's taking yo so long Cassandra, give me the damn puppuccino."

"I am 100% OK with being stuck in the line if I get to see this."

Even a barista commented: "if a dog did this to me when I worked the window, I would probably cry from overyjoy.

We're all hoping that BooBoo enjoyed his "drink," and completely empathize with his impatience. After all, everyone becomes an animal while waiting in the Starbucks line, don't they?

Photo by 傅甬 华 on Unsplash

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