Dare Ya To Not Try To Be A Scientist After Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explains Creativity To You

If you're like me, you liked math and science a LOT, but after high school it just … didn't seem worth it. Math was for boring and straightforward people, and I was a creative weirdo! Oh man, how wrong I was.

If only America's Science Coach, Neil deGrasse Tyson, had been there. He'd have said to me, “Lori, math, science, and engineering are some of the most creative classes you ever took! Stick with it, and you won't just be creating WORDS, you'll be creating INDUSTRIES!!!!!" Can't you just hear him saying that? Oh yeah, he does say this at 2:37.

Aside from that, the most important part is when, at 2:22, he talks about the difference between cause-and-effect thinking and chain-reaction thinking. It's basically a creativity litmus test that I never applied to anything in my life, and now I apply it to pretty much every thought I have. Try it. It'll make you a better American AND Earthling.