Check Out America's Next Great Philanthropist... Go Look In The Mirror

What if we could channel our love of buying record amounts of stuff over the holidays into a national passion for giving? That's the idea behind #GivingTuesday. On November 27 Thanksgiving finally grows up, and for that one day we're all being encouraged to do something special for our communities. Be part of the very first #GivingTuesday; it's Thanksgiving 2.0.

An eye-opening Tumblr thread posted to Reddit shows how federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs designed to help disabled people actually help keep them in poverty.

Reddit user iDogeYT posted this thread that explains how people with disabilities are not allowed to have more than $2,000 to their name or the benefits they depend on are automatically shut off.

This leaves them unable to save for a rainy day, educational opportunities, or to buy a home or car.

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