3 Videos Coca-Cola Doesn't Want You To See

So I hear New York City’s ban on large sodas is pretty unpopular: Nobodylikes big government. Even though we need deterrents for what’s bad for us, banningstuff is un-American! But sin-taxing oversized drinks that are directly linkedto American obesity? Bring it on. Evidently, the gang over at "Parks and Recreation" hilariously agree.Nice hat, Amy Poehler!

Watch first-term Pawnee City CouncilwomanLeslie Knope square off against the powerful restaurant lobby. Yes, that is a “child size” cup.

Will a soda tax cost more jobs? Take that, Nanny State!#NeedMoarSugar

Sometimes doing the right thing won’t please everyone. Especially RonSwanson’s epic moustache.

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