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Just to reiterate, here are ways NOT to talk about suicide, straight from the CDC:


  • Presenting simplistic explanations for suicide
  • Engaging in repetitive, ongoing, or excessive reporting of suicide in the news
  • Providing sensational coverage of suicide
  • Reporting "how-to" descriptions of suicide
  • Presenting suicide as a tool for accomplishing certain ends
  • Glorifying suicide or persons who commit suicide

"But Lori! They're basically saying don't talk about suicide."

No, what they're saying is don't make it sound attractive.

I'm not telling you not to mourn the man. Heck, I'm really sad too. I *am* asking you to show love to your friends and your fellow earthlings by taking responsibility for what *some* of your words might mean. We can do that.


This magical piece of honesty and information first began as a really informative email from Upworthy curator Phoebe Gavin, and then we all peer-pressured her into making a video about it so we could share it with the world.

Does this post make a LOT of sense to you and are you glad it's here? Go over and tell Phoebe all your emotions on Twitter. She should probably make more of these, huh? *nodding head vigorously*

For more on suicide contagion, there's more info from the CDC.

And here's a note we've been sharing on Facebook:

As we mourn the loss of the incredible Robin Williams, please know that if you are suffering, you are not alone. Many of us here at Upworthy have struggled with depression, and lots of things have helped us get better — from therapy to medication to yoga to listening to Donny Hathaway to running to memorizing the dance routines of Britney Spears — and you can get better too. If you are in distress right now, please call (800) 273-8255. We love you and want you to live the happiest, healthiest life possible. Have you or someone you know gotten better?

Let me know how on Twitter.

Image c/o Wikipedia, used under Creative Commons License.

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