You Take A Picture Of Your Food And Tag It. What You Get Is Less Hunger.

I gotta say, I love that Virgin Mobile Australia set out on a journey to make something better in the world. At the end of that "journey to better" was a partnership with OzHarvest (a great organization that works to solve hunger and food waste) and YOUR hashtags to create meals for people in need.It makes me think ... what if the people in power were so inspired by all our #mealforameal tags that they really did shape up and work together to make hunger and food waste a thing of the past? What could Virgin Mobile Australia make better THEN? Once you unlock the magic of empowered humans doing what they believe in, so many more things become possible in this world. There's only one way to find out how far possibility can reach — start small, and start here! Tag your food pictures with #mealforameal (bonus if you spell it out in mustard) and share this thing. We’ll be helping those in need in the time it takes you to take a picture.

Virgin Mobile

I'd love to see how many foods we can get tagged — from your mom's dumplings to diamond-encrusted salmon patties. So get sharing!