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There is a mental health crisis in America. While the general public is increasingly aware of the benefits of seeking treatment for mental health, many don't have access to the system.

According to The National Council, 42% of Americans say that cost and poor insurance coverage is the number one barrier to getting help.

Fifty-three million American adults (21%) have wanted to see a professional but were unable to for reasons outside of their control.

To help people with mental health issues author Caroline Moss asked her Twitter followers to provide some free advice by sharing "the best thing you learned at therapy."

Moss is the writer of two books in her "Work It, Girl!" series and has written for The New York Times, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The Hairpin, and VICE.

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She received over 1,000 responses and many were about learning how to have a better relationship to one's thoughts and emotions.

Here are some of the most powerful responses:

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Back in 2017, when white supremacist Richard Spencer was socked in the face by someone wearing all black at Trump's inauguration, it launched an online debate, "Is it OK to punch a Nazi?"

The essential nature of the debate was whether it was acceptable for people to act violently towards someone with repugnant reviews, even if they were being peaceful. Some suggested people should confront them peacefully by engaging in a debate or at least make them feel uncomfortable being Nazi in public.

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