When The Grandson Of A Nazi Is Like, 'Hmm, This Seems Familiar,' It's Probably Time To Pay Attention

Civic duty. It's kind of a pain, but the pain and consequences of NOT doing it can be pretty intense. On a small scale, it’s already happening in Europe as the Far Right gains more and more political power. On a larger scale — well, listen to to this guy with a grandpa who was a Nazi. He gets it.

After seeing the video of the everyday hero who called out the racist rant of Kelly Anne Wolfe, we should all go out and purchase a bicycle if there is even a chance we could become as cool as this guy.

The unnamed citizen was riding his bike through the streets of Toronto and came across a group of people eager to get out their message that no one needs to wear a mask. When they handed him a "face mask exempt" card, he calmly ripped it up.

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