What Happens When An Old Woman Says 'NO' To How Fashion Orders Her To Be?

You think I can convince my bosses to fly me to England to meet these ladies? It would be totally for work and not because I want to go shopping with them. Honest.

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Grab a tissue, folks, because this is one of those stories that has so almost too much love and goodness to bear in it.

Sara Verkuilen was working at Hair Cuttery in Round Lake Beach, Illinois last winter when an older couple walked in for a haircut. "I don't think I had ever done their hair before," Verkuilen told Upworthy. "They were walkins."

The man and his wife were "just really cute together," she recalled. "He was so sweet with her and obviously very in love."

Little did Verkuilen know how much of an impression her personal service and professional skills would have on both them that day.

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