This Santa doing sign language for 40 seconds will melt your heart in the best way.

Santa's magical ability to communicate with a young child in sign language is making me feel things!

It's not so hard to create a magic moment.

Ask this Santa. He's got a secret.

GIFs via Mashup Mark/YouTube.

This young girl has difficulty communicating, the video's description explains. Her mom tells Santa, "Sorry. She can't talk very well."

The man in the red suit is a pretty clever thinker, though! After a quick check with the girl's mom, Santa busted out his sign language skills!

There's a magic moment between two people when they realize ... we can understand each other!

It's wonderful, and in this short 40 seconds of video footage, we get to see it.

Here's the moment, in GIF format.

Oh my. My heart just grew.

This young kid and Santa were able to communicate — talking about Santa things, no doubt — and smile together. How wonderful!

But seriously, you gotta see the video. If you have 40 seconds today, take that moment to watch communication happen.

Now that you've dried your tears, here are a couple ways to learn some sign language yourself.

You can try the The ASL App.

And Nyle DiMarco of "America's Next Top Model" will teach you American Sign Language! (Others will too, but he's there, and you should know that!) Cool, huh?

OR, try the website Start ASL. It's a bunch of free (!) workbooks and ways to learn to sign.

Everyone should experience that Santa moment of "I can communicate!" with someone — it's just so cool!

Learning languages — sign language, foreign language, the language of dance or music — that's how we create those magic heart-melting moments.

Magic. It's easy!