This Lady Wants You To Know That There’s More Than One Way To Work Hard In America

You know how car commercials are all "Look at your life! Look at your choices, American!”? I always wanna yell back: "Why do you care? You're a car!” Well, this ad made me want to yell something different. And maybe do a little celebratory fist pump, too.

Commercials gotta do their commercial thing, but if they use their HUGE platform to lift up the great work of some great Americans like the gal above, color me intrigued.

The woman in this commercial is Pashon Murray and she’s a real person doing real work in Detroit with Detroit Dirt. They make compost for farms so Detroit can make itself an even happier place for people to live. Cities can be complicated organisms, and they require creative awesomeness like Ms. Murray's, so here's to her. And here’s to brands interested in the life and choices of some really cool people. If cars care about that, I *might* be OK with it.