The Photos Facebook Doesn't Want You To See Are A Whole Lot Better Than The Ones It Does

Facebook had a policy against breastfeeding photos on their site. They say they allow them now, but in reality, they often don't. However, they are totally cool with gun owners selling guns without background checks to anyone who wants to make a deal. Facebook also recently launched the Look Back video feature, which many of you may have seen. So an organization made an amazing little Look Back video about how the gun market works on the world's largest social media network. Let's help Facebook get their priorities in check.

I'm not anti-gun. I go shooting with my in-laws almost every time I visit them. This isn't about banning guns. 90% of Americans and 74% of NRA members support universal background checks. It's a no brainer. This isn't about taking away people's rights. It's about being responsible and making sure guns don't fall into the wrong hands. Share this if you think we should do something about it.

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