The Official ‘How To Avoid Rape’ Satire. Inspired By Terrible Advice Everywhere.

OK, let's give college bulletins and glossy magazines the benefit of the doubt: They're probably seriously concerned with stopping rapes on campuses (and elsewhere). And maybe they sincerely believe that a good way to do that is to suggest some of the steps you'll see below. The problem is that when you focus on controlling how women behave to avoid rape, however well-meaning that advice is, you're missing a pretty big piece of the reason rape is so prevalent: namely, rapists. I'd much rather see a discussion about how we get men to understand consent and stop being creepers than the bizarre, contradictory wardrobe suggestions brilliantly parodied in this video. TRIGGER WARNING: Nothing graphic, but this video features fictionalized rape scenarios and at least one incredibly skeevy-looking dude.